Devtings getting started now forwards you to the Devtings meetup page. There right now is a the first scheduled event for a pre-meetup meetup. It's in need of a date and location, but to know when and where to schedule it, some members are needed so we can figure it all out.

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quick hello

I did get a surprise after I set-up the group. I got an email from meetup HQ giving some advice on running successful meetups and then at the end of the email a 'p.s.' just to let me know they'd updated the topics attached to the group. I checked and saw they'd added 'tech talks' and 'education and technology' to the list of topics. Which I thought was excellent (although maybe a bit ambitious to start off with). They did also mention one fact in the email that meant I had made a small miss-calculation.

live and learn

I set the meetup site on a Tuesday. Thinking that it would be sent out to members right away. This is not the case, they actually wait 4 days before posting it out. So rather than the notice being sent out midweek, it will go out just before the weekend. I do like the window though, gives you an opportunity to get the page set-up fully, while at the same time giving you a ticking clock incentive to get it done.

what next

Hopefully get a few members over the next few days and schedule the pre-meetup. Go down the pub (probably), and see what we can turn Devtings into.